Cultural Programs are a fun way to experience the French language and Culture.

To make the most of it, we recommend participants are at least A2 level in French.

We will alternate our teaching methods and include many games, role play situations.
Afternoons are dedicated times for hands-on activities
(e.g: cooking, painting, walks, treasure hunts, outdoor/indoor games...) so that you really interact in French, as you would on a daily basis. 
Time is allocated for rest periods. You can listen to French music and/or read magazines before dinner and enjoy a French film in the evening. Just like the French do...

7.30 am - 8.30 am: French Breakfast
9 am - 10.30: Morning lessons 1
10.30-11 am: Morning tea
11 am - 12.
30: Morning lessons 2
1-2 pm: Lunch time
2-4 pm: Afternoon hands-on activities
4 pm: Afternoon tea
6 pm: Dinner



French Intensive Immersion Programs

Not sure what your French level is up to?
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French Cultural Immersion Programs

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What a fantastic and fun experience to spend a weekend in French with my partner. It was nearly like being in France! 

I felt really comfortable and my speaking skills have improved a lot from all our conversations.Our plan to live in the South of France is getting closer...

Hannah, Self learner

It was a very worthwhile weekend, lots of fun, all were impressed with your enthusiasm and interest. We all thought the venue was great, opening your home was very generous and lovely to have the children there, it was a place of tranquility and we all felt at ease there. We were all impressed with your teaching methods, the subtleties and flexibility of your teaching style, a little push and then easing when needed. We loved your expressions and your humour. I hope we were not too frustrating for you as a teacher!

Peter, Joan & friends