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Douce France gives you the keys you need while supporting you during your French Language Journey. Whatever your goal, whatever your level, our native French teacher has you covered. 

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French Achievers Challenge
Rock Your Year 12  French Speaking Exam

You want to reach your full potential for the final French speaking exam and you can with the right preparation. You don't need to work harder but smarter... for 6-weeks (or more if you wish)

You will boost your French with efficient learning strategies and the help of our native French teacher.


You want a tailored-made teaching method and personalized support during your journey.

Lessons are adapted to your specific needs, personal interests and level.


You want a custom-made French experience & personalized support during your French immersion.

The program is adapted to your specific needs, personal interests and level.

It is the opportunity for you to live and interact with a French family as if you were in France. Tuition, Conversations, hands-on activities, French music and film will rhythm your days to boost your French.

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  • French for Travelers tuition

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  • Conversation-focused tuition

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  •  Immersion Program

  • 'French Achievers' Exam Preparation Challenge.

Start your French Learning Journey within a supportive & friendly environment
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Method for Efficient Learning. Fun for Motivation. Confidence for Speaking


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